Overwhelmed by choice?

Mark Templeman

24 June 2024


Here’s a fact for you…

We have lots of different golf balls available in the pro shop, from plain white ones to bright colourful ones.

That's why can understand if you’re overwhelmed by choice when picking out which one to play with.

You’ll be forgiven if you don’t know much about golf balls and they all look very similar to you. But the truth is different brands have multiple ball products that all serve different purposes, each with a certain kind of golfer in mind. Finding the right golf ball is all about what feels good for you, and what gives you the confidence to commit to your shot.

Today we want to outline three different ways you may want to go about buying new golf balls. Based on your ability, based on price, and based on colour and visual tech.


Golfing Ability

When we discuss ability, it’s hard not to get grouped into one of two camps:

Are you a good golfer or a bad golfer?

The fact is we all want to improve, so we’re giving two recommendations based on handicap to give you an understanding of which ball will be most appropriate to your game.

If you’re a single-figure handicap, you’ll want to get the most out of your equipment. Being a consistent ball-striker, you’ll want to play with a low spin golf ball to give you the most distance on your drives.


Wilson Staff Model golf balls

The Staff Model X is one of Wilson’s most impressive golf ball releases in years. If you’re looking to get exceptional speed and spin on your shots, this is the ball for you. The firm compression core will have your strikes flying off the tee, and the four-piece urethane construction will give you excellent precision and consistency to spin the ball just how you like it.

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Wilson Duo Soft golf balls

If you play with a handicap of over 10, don’t worry, we have just the ball to help you cut it down. Wilson’s Duo Soft is renowned for being one of the softest feeling balls on the market. This sense of softness comes from a low-compression core that makes it a joy to strike at every stage of the hole. Giving you more distance and overall feel, this is a tremendous performance golf ball.

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Dozen Ball Price

As we all know, golf is an expensive sport, so you’ll really want to make sure you’re investing in the right golf balls.

If you want to play with the best balls Wilson has to offer, the Staff Model balls are certainly worth the cost. Naturally, they have a similar 4-piece urethane construction as is found in the Staff Model X balls, but with a medium-compression core, you’ll feel at home with this ball if you have an average swing speed.


The Staff Model is the ball of choice if you’re looking to spend on a ball that will provide a dedicated all-round performance.

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We’ve already given them a mention, but the Duo Soft balls are an excellent choice to go with if you’re looking for something on the more affordable end of the spectrum. They’re soft, feel great, and are cheaper to add to the bag.

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As we’ve hinted at in the previous section, you can get all kinds of golf balls nowadays, including those that have visual tech and alignment aid elements to help you perform better.

The Wilson Duo Soft balls come in high-optic visual tech options, including a range of colours such as yellow, green, orange, and pink.

Each of the matte-coloured golf balls is created using a finely controlled paint application process that ensures they look fantastic at every angle, and have anti-glare properties so they sun won’t be an issue when you’re focusing on your shot.

These are just some of the wonderful golf balls that we have in stock in the pro shop. We appreciate you still may have plenty of questions, and we’d be more than happy to give you our advice if you seek us out in the pro shop.

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