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Mid Week Medal 3/6/15

Division I
Luke Lawson 80-13=67 bb9
Ian Fane 80-13=67
Brendan Greville 72-4=68 bb9

Division II
Ernie Miller 87-19=68
Ed Skinner 94-24=70
Dave McQuillen 92-21=71



Stableford 6/6/15

Division 1
Paul Pamphillon 36 pts
Paul Day 35 pts
Mickey Moore 34 pts

Division II
Pete Howard 36 pts
Glen Howden 33 pts bb9
Ady Bingham 33 pts

Division III
Gordon Thompson 37 pts
Joe Pasqualino 36 pts
Sean Briant 35 pts



Bogey 7/6/15

Division I
Luke Lawson 5 up
Lee Jones 2 up
Lee Woodward Level bb9

Division II
Pete Howard 1 up
Dep Patel Level bb9
Steve Ray Level

Division III
Paul Rawlings 2 up
Paul Hydes 1 up
Sean Briant Level


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